Most of the people are familiar with the movie Casino Royal. Yes, it is the latest 007 aka James bond movie, where the role of bond played by Daniale Craig. But this explanation is for them who do not know about the movie or the particular scene we are going to explain. Well in one scene bond was intimidate to play poker to save a huge amount from getting corrupted as well as to save one client – check out Pocketwin. The game poker generally a familial game where more than two people needs to join each other at the table. One courier or official authority will be present over the table to initiate fair play process and other issues. That person will be responsible for calling, showing as well as betting process. At the table bond and all famous poker players were present and all of them have kept a huge amount for betting. Few cards were at the hand and few cards were kept at the table in folded position. At the end depending upon the points collected from the steps of particular game and with the combination of folded cards the winner would be chosen. Depending upon some other factors such as combination of community cards as well as fair play system also helps in stratifying the ultimate winner. So hope you all have memorized the famous nerve wreaking scene of poker.

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Rules to be followed

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