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Tips from a pro

poker girlKane is a Professional Poker Player who joined Titan Poker earlier this year. Among his other skills, Kane is a no limit hold’em heads up specialist who generally plays at $215 buyins. He is currently one of the most succesful heads up players in online poker and has defeated many of the well known Pros including Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Ray Rahme, Mike Mizrachi, and Chris Moneymaker.

Like many of us, he started his online poker journey at the low buyins. A completely self-taught player, he learned his game through trials and tribulations on the felt and now sits with the best there is – and he beats them. Kane currently has a 15% ROI on buyins from $200-$300 and a total profit of $150,000. Some time ago cat5Cane posted a series of quick tips for new players, so below we show an excerpt from his recommendations for playing good online poker.

Start becoming a better player every time you take a seat at the poker tables. Here is some helpful basic strategy when you play in late position, in other word s from the cut-off, the button and the Small blind. Play these three spots at the table – when they are open. By ‘open’, is means there is no raiser in front of you.

1. The Cut-off position, i.e. one to the right of the button.
2. The Button
3. The Small Blind

These are the best 3 places to play from in No Limit Texas Hold’Em. Cards do not matter in these situations. From these positions, you can steal a lot of chips. If they are open, you can come in raising every time… It does not mean you should always raise from these spots. Mix things up, keep opponents off balance. The opportunity to raise in these positions is a good one but not necessarily every time, every round.

A standard raise does the trick. Three times the amount of the big blind is what is often a good raise. Let’s say you get a caller and they check the flop to you. You should be looking to bet 3/4 of the pot. This will take it down most of the time.

Start using these three positions at the table more often. Your result will improve we guarantee it. Remember, your cards don’t matter, any two cards are fine – you are playing position here and position, is a lot more important than the actual cards!