Jennifer Harman

JenniferLike a lot of other professional players, Jennifer Harman discovered poker and developed a love of the game at a young age. As an eight-year old, she spent a lot of time watching her father play poker. Sometimes, when he was losing by a few hundred, he’d let her play his hands to get him even. Apparently, all that watching paid off because she could usually get him out of the hole.

Despite this early foray into poker, Jennifer didn’t start playing professionally until her early 20s. Jennifer treated poker playing almost like an apprenticeship. She started at the lower limit tables to build her skill and her bankroll. As she improved and her bankroll grew, she’d move up to a higher limit table. If she started to lose routinely, she’d move back down until she was ready to graduate to the higher limit table. She stuck with this slow and steady progression for seven years, meticulously improving her game and her bankroll.

Jennifer is a shrewd player who uses her looks to her advantage. A sprite of a woman, she looks much younger than she actually is and lets people think that she is youthful and inexperienced. Jennifer has become such a well-known player, it’s hard to believe this strategy still works for her, but apparently opponents sometimes underestimate her – to their detriment.

Jennifer plays in high-stakes games in Las Vegas and says that she makes a million dollars in a good year. She does play in some tournaments, for the variety and challenges involved. Her personal poker goal is to become the best player she can be

Jennifer’s formidable poker accomplishments include the following:
· Two World Series of Poker bracelets.
· Career tournament winnings of just over half a million dollars.
· Won the Deuce-to-Seven No-Limit Draw title at the 2000 World Series of Poker – it was the first time she’d ever played the game.

Fun Fact: Jennifer has a pack of dogs, four blue heelers and a pit bull.

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