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Is online betting legal in the USA

When the issue betting comes to our mind we simultaneously think about Legal Gambling & what is Legal gambling age. In present there are so many debates about it concerning which is of real importance i.e. the benefits or the drawbacks of having betting lawful in countries.
Well, both sides are in strong position with their own view about this matter.
There are sayings that when legally recognized, illegal betting that attracts mass people to be enthusiastic and have depressed lives would be unnoticed. For those people who think in this thought, they believe that legalizing betting and no matter what forms of it would guide to a more controlled system in a state. An additional thing they wanna raise is that if lawful betting is established, there would be betting venues owned by government; this would draw people to support lawful games than others that are not allowed by the administration.
Alternatively, although how these arguments try to become tough arguments, there are demolishers of these.
In other states that do not consider the advantages of legalizing betting, they stand aside the arguments that if the government allow the legalizing betting, it would just be similar to encourage citizens to really be into betting, no matter how lawful or controlled it is, it would not lose the truth that it is still betting, a means of asking mass people to risk on what they posses and try their fate by betting their cash or other possessions.
There are so many loopholes pinpointed by those mass people over the world that are against the survival of the so-called lawful betting. The biggest excuse is that legalizing betting is similar to legalizing greed. A government that would permit this to occur would be an extremely irresponsible one. So there are so many different thoughts about Legal gambling & Legal gambling age and it is totally depends on the citizens of the state.