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What to do if your poker account has been hacked


First of all, don’t panic and clear your schedule for the next several hours. Be prepared for the fact that you will likely not get your money back. Take screenshots of as much as possible.

1. Try to log into your poker account. If the hacker hasn’t changed your password yet, or if he gained control through another method, such as a man in the middle attack, you will able to lock the hacker out. Immediately change your password and e-mail address. If the hacker has a keylogger, he will still have your new password. To prevent him from chip dumping your money, you should self-exclude yourself for a day or a week. That means no poker for that period of time, but it means no poker for the hacker either.

2. Send an e-mail to support with “URGENT: HACKED” in the title. Ask them to immediately freeze the account from playing, transferring or withdrawing. If the site offers live chat or phone support, do that as well.

3. If you cannot access your e-mail because the hacker has taken control of that as well, use a different e-mail account and send a message with the information from step #2 PLUS an explanation of why you are using a different e-mail, as well as proof that you are in fact the account owner. Mention all your account details, as well as what IP address you normally play from, how much money was in your account when you last had control of it and anything else you can think of that helps corroborate your story.

4. Go to PokerTableRatings and see who the hacker has been playing. Make note of the players that your account is losing to. Also, use the poker client’s find player feature to search for yourself in types of poker that are not tracked by PTR.

5. If the opponent is playing outside of his normal stakes or if there appears to be collusion, send another e-mail to support with this information.

6. If the opponent appears to be a legitimate regular who is not associated with the hacker and the play is ongoing, go onto the poker site and talk to the other player in chat and tell him he is playing against a hacked account and ask him to sit out. If the money in your poker account is lost by the hacker to players who are not in cahoots with him, it will not be returned.

7. Make a thread on 2+2 in the Internet Poker forum and sending a PM to an applicable poker site representative is a good idea. Be clear, complete and polite. You will likely be told what I am telling you here, but it can’t hurt to try. Plus, some of the more helpful posters will assist in doing some of the detective work.

8. Figure out how this happened and rectify the problem. If you still have your e-mail account, look through the filters to make sure that no one has been secretly forwarding your mail. Run Spybot S&D and your anti-virus software to look for malicious software. Think about any shady software you installed recently or who has had physical access to your computer lately. Is your Wifi unprotected? You will probably have to reformat your hard drive to be sure that there are not any rootkits lingering. If you aren’t a tech person, the posters in your thread from step #7 should be able to help you out with this. Just be sure to thank them, even if you don’t get your money or account back.

9. Gather all the evidence you have, screenshots, screen names, country and IP of hacker (if the poker site gives it to you) and report it to the police. This does not apply if you live in a third world country or if online poker is illegal in your country. Even if the police tell you that you can’t do much, later on there may be insurance or tax benefits of reporting the crime.

Good luck! Also, check out my post on short stack play.

Tips from a pro

poker girlKane is a Professional Poker Player who joined Titan Poker earlier this year. Among his other skills, Kane is a no limit hold’em heads up specialist who generally plays at $215 buyins. He is currently one of the most succesful heads up players in online poker and has defeated many of the well known Pros including Greg Raymer, Joe Hachem, Ray Rahme, Mike Mizrachi, and Chris Moneymaker.

Like many of us, he started his online poker journey at the low buyins. A completely self-taught player, he learned his game through trials and tribulations on the felt and now sits with the best there is – and he beats them. Kane currently has a 15% ROI on buyins from $200-$300 and a total profit of $150,000. Some time ago cat5Cane posted a series of quick tips for new players, so below we show an excerpt from his recommendations for playing good online poker.

Start becoming a better player every time you take a seat at the poker tables. Here is some helpful basic strategy when you play in late position, in other word s from the cut-off, the button and the Small blind. Play these three spots at the table – when they are open. By ‘open’, is means there is no raiser in front of you.

1. The Cut-off position, i.e. one to the right of the button.
2. The Button
3. The Small Blind

These are the best 3 places to play from in No Limit Texas Hold’Em. Cards do not matter in these situations. From these positions, you can steal a lot of chips. If they are open, you can come in raising every time… It does not mean you should always raise from these spots. Mix things up, keep opponents off balance. The opportunity to raise in these positions is a good one but not necessarily every time, every round.

A standard raise does the trick. Three times the amount of the big blind is what is often a good raise. Let’s say you get a caller and they check the flop to you. You should be looking to bet 3/4 of the pot. This will take it down most of the time.

Start using these three positions at the table more often. Your result will improve we guarantee it. Remember, your cards don’t matter, any two cards are fine – you are playing position here and position, is a lot more important than the actual cards!

Jennifer Harman

JenniferLike a lot of other professional players, Jennifer Harman discovered poker and developed a love of the game at a young age. As an eight-year old, she spent a lot of time watching her father play poker. Sometimes, when he was losing by a few hundred, he’d let her play his hands to get him even. Apparently, all that watching paid off because she could usually get him out of the hole.

Despite this early foray into poker, Jennifer didn’t start playing professionally until her early 20s. Jennifer treated poker playing almost like an apprenticeship. She started at the lower limit tables to build her skill and her bankroll. As she improved and her bankroll grew, she’d move up to a higher limit table. If she started to lose routinely, she’d move back down until she was ready to graduate to the higher limit table. She stuck with this slow and steady progression for seven years, meticulously improving her game and her bankroll.

Jennifer is a shrewd player who uses her looks to her advantage. A sprite of a woman, she looks much younger than she actually is and lets people think that she is youthful and inexperienced. Jennifer has become such a well-known player, it’s hard to believe this strategy still works for her, but apparently opponents sometimes underestimate her – to their detriment.

Jennifer plays in high-stakes games in Las Vegas and says that she makes a million dollars in a good year. She does play in some tournaments, for the variety and challenges involved. Her personal poker goal is to become the best player she can be

Jennifer’s formidable poker accomplishments include the following:
· Two World Series of Poker bracelets.
· Career tournament winnings of just over half a million dollars.
· Won the Deuce-to-Seven No-Limit Draw title at the 2000 World Series of Poker – it was the first time she’d ever played the game.

Fun Fact: Jennifer has a pack of dogs, four blue heelers and a pit bull.

Short Stack All-In Range

a short stack
How do you feel about pushing with middle suited connectors when you’re short-stacked late in a tournament?

I ask this because I saw this a couple of times from one of my more respected players in a live tournament last night.

If it means anything this guy is moving to Las Vegas this weekend to play professionally.

Anyway, late in the tournament, 5 handed and pretty much everybody is short-stacked.

Twice I saw the cards when he did this and he won one and lost the other. Here are my thoughts so far.

1. if you get called you’re almost guaranteed to be behind
2. get caught doing this once and you’re fold equity drops significantly

1. flush and straight possibilities
2. probably live cards if called by Ax
3. fold equity that late in a tournament is high
4. blinds are higher so payoff is bigger if you can buy the blinds

4-2… I may have to add this to my arsenal. What do you think? I’m prepared to do this more often than I once did. In an unopened pot when I’m in need of chips I’ve no problem pushing allin with almost any holdings…that’s considering the fact that my stack has got low enough that I can only survive for a relatively short time due to blinds and antes.

Get in first and hope to steal the blinds. If you do get called then yes you may be behind – but possibly not far behind. You may also receive a call from a bigger stack when your in fact ahead … and in the scenario under consideration, your situation is favourable since you are possibly less likely to get called as the other players are also low stacked.

My hand selection in these cases would depend on exactly how low my stack is in relation to the blinds/antes and also in relation to other stacks but when chips are critical then I think most hands would qualify.

If you go in first with say an 9-8s and you do happen to get called you could be more or less a coin flip versus a low Ax – and 40:60 to a higher ace.

Really you are only in bad shape against a medium to high pair – however if you waited it out, pushed with a pocket pair and met a higher pair in a showdown, it is the same scenario.

Is online betting legal in the USA

When the issue betting comes to our mind we simultaneously think about Legal Gambling & what is Legal gambling age. In present there are so many debates about it concerning which is of real importance i.e. the benefits or the drawbacks of having betting lawful in countries.
Well, both sides are in strong position with their own view about this matter.
There are sayings that when legally recognized, illegal betting that attracts mass people to be enthusiastic and have depressed lives would be unnoticed. For those people who think in this thought, they believe that legalizing betting and no matter what forms of it would guide to a more controlled system in a state. An additional thing they wanna raise is that if lawful betting is established, there would be betting venues owned by government; this would draw people to support lawful games than others that are not allowed by the administration.
Alternatively, although how these arguments try to become tough arguments, there are demolishers of these.
In other states that do not consider the advantages of legalizing betting, they stand aside the arguments that if the government allow the legalizing betting, it would just be similar to encourage citizens to really be into betting, no matter how lawful or controlled it is, it would not lose the truth that it is still betting, a means of asking mass people to risk on what they posses and try their fate by betting their cash or other possessions.
There are so many loopholes pinpointed by those mass people over the world that are against the survival of the so-called lawful betting. The biggest excuse is that legalizing betting is similar to legalizing greed. A government that would permit this to occur would be an extremely irresponsible one. So there are so many different thoughts about Legal gambling & Legal gambling age and it is totally depends on the citizens of the state.

Texas Holdem

Holdem poker pro

No limit Texas Holdem Poker is probably the most played poker game in the world today. And all the televised tournaments have not hurt the popularity of Texas Holdem in the least.

Play No Limit Texas Holdem Poker to join the fun, you do not need to risk any significant money at all. Playing Texas Holdem poker can be fun and profitable. You can play for free with the download available on all poker rooms.

When you start out playing poker online, play the free games until you get used to the poker software. Then if you want to you can switch to the real money play.

Be sure and set up rules for yourself to follow under all circumstances. Never ever put any money at risk that you can’t afford to loose. Playing Texas Holdem poker online is a lot of fun only if you are comfortable with your bankroll and the risks. You will play against real people in real time.

There are lots of tournaments that you can enter cheap. Playing in them can get you into the Big Money Tournaments in Las Vegas, this is called a satellite tournament. It is best to hone your poker skills and strategy in online games first. An online poker game is fast and does not cost the time or money it takes to get to a casino. You can rest assured that they are honest games as this industry is now mature. The online casinos have tracking software to protect the players. They can run back through all the hands of any player and see if there is any sort of collusion going on.

Texas holdem no limit is the game that you see on TV almost all the time. No limit holdem can cost lots of money fast if you are not careful. Be sure that you have developed a skill level that can handle no limit. Play it free online until you feel comfortable putting real money at risk and you will have more fun.